My Journey to Recruitment...

Does This Sound Familiar...

You are in the market for a new job. It's hard for you to land an Interview with your dream company. They haven't gone as planned and your resumes got rejected. It sucks not knowing where you went wrong. You know you could do better and you have the skills and abilities to add value to the employers you applied to. I've been where you are. The feeling of hopelessness is almost overwhelming.


Why Do We Exist?

After spending 10 successful years in the HR and Recruitment world, I noticed a big problem. Candidates and recruiters were obviously frustrated in the process. Most job applications were a failure and often brilliant candidate profiles were overlooked. I knew something was wrong, and this is a story of how I got out of that vicious cycle.

By the way, that's a picture of me when I was working with Colgate (a Medical Marketing role) happily for 3.8 years. I studied BBA (HR Management) and a Master of Science in Computing. To be honest, even though I have a mixed educational background, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. All I wanted was to be "Happy" in my career.

However, I was asked to leave the company because a new General Manager joined at that time. I have no clue why and need to find my nextRoles. I changed 35 jobs and Applied/Interviewed for 300 roles. Eventually, I went into HR/Recruitment and got my Breakthrough.


The Problem?

I realized why it was so difficult to get hired and land Interviews all those years. It's not your fault... Universities do not teach you how to find a job. You weren't given the framework for navigating your career either. Chances are you didn't go to any prestigious institution and you don't have a perfect killer resume. Most of us don't!

But I want to let you know recruiters and hiring managers had a weapon for filtering out candidates. This was called the ATS System. If your CV doesn't match with any keyword or criteria, your application is immediately thrown away.

The reality is that even without an ATS System, recruiters usually have a number of candidates in mind. By the time they get around to checking Resumes, they have probably already made up their minds on who to suggest to the hiring manager. Which means, that application you worked so hard to get right. Well, it was probably tossed out before it was even read. That's the saddest part of it.

The Solution?
Work with you around the need to send your Resume in the first place. I was sick and tired of seeing otherwise great talents hit a brick wall in their job search. I wanted to equip professionals with the most efficient, intelligent job search methods and tools required to be spotted by the radars of recruiters and hiring managers, i.e. to position YOU as the leader within their industry.

Having been there, I get a know to my stomach at the very thought of it. I decided to help more people and show you how to secure MORE interviews like clockwork, without having to blast out job applications and your personal information. Makes this simple and easy, even if you think you might not be a perfect match for the employer's criteria.

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