Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

I help job seekers get hired, secure more offers, negotiate a better salary, unleash their potential so that they can find their passion, enjoy their work, and can reclaim their career and their relationship! 

I'm a LinkedIn Influencer with 133K+ Followers and the Author of the Book - "Find Your Ideal #nextRoles in a Month"! I have 10+ years in HR and Recruitment (both in-house & Recruitment agency). I was Head of Talent Acquisition.

Before turning my focus to Career Advisory, I've hired more than 450 people, Interviewed more than 6000 candidates. I'm still recruiting and reviewing 800 CVs per month.

Are You Getting Ready For Your nextRoles?
I help Professionals Worldwide Get Hired within 30 Days, Anywhere, and with High Salary Jumps! Even during COVID-19 Challenging Times...

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Most Professional Resume Writing Services ONLY focus on preparing documents, changing formatting, checking grammars, etc... Whereas we provide comprehensive and personalized services to our VIP clients including teaching them the latest tips & tricks on LinkedIn to boost their profile and have a better Personal Brand so that this will attract your Potential HR or Recruiters and Hiring Managers to come to you and get referrals too!

Some coaches from all around the world are trying to copy our methods, our templates, and our unique techniques of increasing online visibility. However, what most of them do is rewrite a resume or cover letter by repurposing your old content, which results in just fixing your "Hardware" and job application portfolios. BUT if you are looking to get referrals and are introduced to land your dream job, why not equip yourself and apply to our personalized profile optimization services?

We Craft High-Converting Resumes that are proven to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems as well as we will Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and position you as an Industry Expert. Professionals and Achievers who joined our program founded their ideal nextRoles within 30 days and will have a Great Resume and a Great LinkedIn Profile. And our VIP clients consistently land amazing jobs... Even jobs they would have never bothered to apply for! Although writing a Persuasive Resume and LinkedIn Profile is a Tough Job, but not to mention our VIP clients all get insane salary increases at the same time.


We only work with people who really want to learn, grow, get results, improve their situation, and land their dream jobs. If you are committed, you should invest in yourself and let us help you to unleash your potentials! We will then dedicate our time and focus to help you. We will also completely Rewrite your Resume, Optimize your LinkedIn Profile, and Have a 1:1 Private Coaching Session to help you achieve your goals!

Refine Your CV & LinkedIn Program

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- We are 100% Recruitment Specialist and dedicated to your needs
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Be Identified as the Achiever in Your Market and Stay Ahead of Your Competition! People Getting Our Help Are Impressed Because We Go Way Further Than Any Professional Resume Writers. Apply And Work With Us NOW!!

Rewrite Resume

My Usual Price: USD497+

LinkedIn Review

My Usual Price: USD397+

1:1 Mentoring

My Usual Price: USD597+